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photo by Nico van der Stam/MAI
"the best image for your story 
 and your story visualized”


The best image..


Finding the best image or footage starts with 

getting to know more about your project. What do you want to communicate, and who is your audience? I make a first draft of images that are in line with your story and strengthen your message.


I am well acquainted with image libraries around the globe, and have access to a network of fantastic photographers. If the desired image does not yet exist, I can ask a photographer to make it.



photo by Frans Busselman/Collectie Stadsarchief

..for every story


Every publication has it's own demands. Through over a decade of experience working for tv shows, magazines, documentaries and advertisements, I know the creative and productive workflows inside out.


Besides finding the images or footage, I make sure it can be used by clearing the rights and delivering the material in the right resolution and format.



Your story..


Telling stories is part of our dna, it is what connects us,  since the time we were living in caves and sat around the fire.


Every person is unique, and still we recognise ourselves in the stories of others. That way, a personal story can become an inspiring message.

For documentary makers, ngo's and companies I look for people with a remarkable story that are willing to share it with others.


Do you have a special story you want to share? Send me an email


photo by Michael Kötter




In everyday life there are gems of stories to be found. I am interested in the stories of common people and their motives. These stories can be the source for a photography project or documentary.


By taking the time to listen and asking the right questions, I can help the director with the development of the script.

I will take good care of personal and sensitive information.





My name is Fem Verbeek (1978). As a researcher I love a good story, especially when it is told through the lens of a camera. Searching for a specific image (and finding it in the end), or listening to someones life story are aspects of my life I cherish dearly. Besides that, I have good practical skills, and like to get to the heart of the matter.


Please get in contact if you have any questions.

Find here my resume, and here  a list of projects I have recently finished.


You can also find me on Facebook and Linkedin.


photo by Anne van Paridon
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